The N. Period’s Top 15 Albums of 2007

29 Dec

This is the year’s last weekend. So without any further adieu The N. Period presents its list for the year’s top albums. We found that a top 10 list was far too restrictive, so here is a list of our top 15 albums of the year.

15. Les Savy FavLet’s Stay Friends


As huge fan of this band I must say that this release was met with mucho anticipation. Diagnosis: mostly awesome with a side of “what’s this?”

mp3: “The Year Before the Year 2000”


14. The Arcade FireBlack Mirror


Crazy album name with some of the most powerful songs I’ve heard in ages.

mp3: “No Cars Go”


13. BattlesMirrored


Are they human?

mp3: “Ddiamondd”


12. The Good, The Bad & The QueenThe Good, The Bad & The Queen


Damon Albarn is a pimp.  So is Danger Mouse.

mp3: “Northern Whale”


11. LiarsLiars


This band never ceases to amaze. I already can’t wait for their next release.

mp3: “Houseclouds”


10. Peter, Bjorn and JohnWriter’s Block


I’m definitely guilty of whipping this one out on several of my friends during the first weeks of its release. Has some of the catchiest tunes that simply stick with you. Popular in advertising this year too – Im sure I heard songs from this album on at least three commercials by the time summer came around.

mp3: “The Chills”


9. Amy WinehouseBack To Black


In England the troubled, drug-addled music stars in the limelight actually have talent. At least until Amy Winehouse dies.

mp3: “Tears Dry on Their Own”


8. JusticeCross


“D.A.N.C.E” was one my most played tracks for the year. In a very short period of time.

mp3: “D.A.N.C.E.”


7. SpoonGa Ga Ga Ga Ga


Yet another candidate for the Questionable Album Title Club. There are some amazing songs in here, though, so it’s something that must be overlooked.

mp3: “Don’t You Evah”


6. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings100 Days, 100 Nights


Two awesome things: 1) Sharon Jones has a storied past as a corrections officer, including many years of service at Sing-Sing. 2) This album was inconceivably released in 2007. Fantastic blast to the past.

mp3: “Let Them Knock”


5. Aesop RockNone Shall Pass


Exclaim “hell yes!” Repeat ad infinitum.

mp3: “None Shall Pass”


4. Blonde Redhead23


A very complete album from an all-time fave. Word.

mp3: “Top Ranking”


3. Panda BearPerson Pitch


The first time I heard this album I pretty much hated it. After shelving it for months I dove back in, hopefully this time with a different perspective. My mind was then systematically blown over the course of a week or two. Exceptional “me time” album.

mp3: “Bros”


2. Of MontrealHissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?


There is so much going on here that it is a wonder that the band not only keeps it together, but also manages to form a continuous cohesive work of art of it all.

mp3: “We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling”


1. RadioheadIn Rainbows


Radiohead have proven once again that they are indeed a conglomeration of geniuses. The most important move in recent history in the world of music economics would have never worked as well had the product not been so damned amazing.

mp3: “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”

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