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Super Rookie Durant Locked Down by Strong Mavs Squad

21 Jan
Kevin Durant, originally uploaded by Mr. Hernonymous.

It was an unfortunate return to Texas for last year’s NCAA National Player of the Year as rookie extraordinaire Kevin Durant really stunk it up in front of the Dallas Mavericks crowd on Saturday night. He went a dismal 3-12 from the field to tie his season low of 6 points in 25 minutes of play. Honestly, Durant looked lost out there and failed to even produce a single memorable moment at either end of the floor. I guess we’ll have to wait til next year to see any excitement from this young player in person. Hopefully one day someone will find this post in the blogosphere and use it as a measuring stick for how far this talented young man has come.

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on “The Hard Sell Tour” — Two Thumbs Up

20 Jan

DJ Shadow

Full tour schedule after the jump.  Continue reading

Apple Announces MacBook Air Laptop, Gives Pencils Everywhere a Complex

15 Jan


At today’s Macworld Keynote presentation given by Apple guru Steve Jobs, the Cupertino, California company announced the MacBook Air, a breakthrough in the world of laptop computing.  Thinner and more powerful than the Sony Vaio TZ series, these tiny wonders fit comfortably within a manila envelope, yet still manages to incorporate a 13.3-inch display, full-size keyboard, iSight (built-in camera) and an 80GB 1.8-inch hard drive — the same ones the iPods use.  Continue reading

Radiohead To Tour Dallas For First Time in 10 Years

9 Jan


***EDIT*** look here.

Radiohead, The N. Period’s selection for top album of 2007, just announced that Dallas will be on their ’08 tour, meaning that there will be just about a decade between their trips to the Big D.   This show should be worth the wait. Cities announced on the U.S. tour include:

Los Angeles
New York
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Barbara
St Louis
Washington DC

Chris Bosh’s Girlfriend and Cousin Cause Raptors to Lose « All Talk Sports

7 Jan

Chris Bosh’s Girlfriend and Cousin Cause Raptors to Lose « All Talk Sports This is a funny story. I will try to find video when I get home.

***UPDATE*** video now available

Here we see the footage from last night’s Sportscenter.

… and here is raw footage from the Raptors telecast.  At about the 5:00 mark you’ll see LeBron pretend as if he is going to give the ball to his hecklers, but then flips the ball to the ref.  This draws quite the reaction from the young ladies, who can be seen jawing and waving their arms, to which King James responds, quite audibly and repeatedly, “it’s your fault” as he points out the offending parties.  As James takes his spot for the ensuing free throw, the look on Bosh’s face is just priceless!

2400+ Hulu Invites Available

7 Jan


In case you are not familiar with the video service Hulu, now is your chance to jump on board.  Hulu is currently in beta testing and you can only access it via an invite.  Luckily here is a link to 2400+ invites at the time of this writing.  On-demand television programming and some movies are available on Hulu, and I have used it to catch up on the Season 4 The Office episodes that I missed due to NBC jumping ship from the iTunes store.  Much props to a great service that only stands to get better.  Did I mention FREE? Well, it’s free, so follow the link and start watching some video.  Content from NBC, FOX, the Bravo, Fuel TV, FX, Sci Fi, Style, Sundance, and Oxygen channels.

P.S. Fans of Steve Martin will be happy to know that The Jerk is on Hulu in its entirety.


The invites for the above link are all gone. But I found some more here, here, and here.  Boo-yah.

June Jones Steps Down as Hawaii Coach, Will Sign with SMU

6 Jan

According to this article from the USA Today, University of Hawaii head football coach June Jones resigned this morning from his position with the school, furthering speculation that Jones may be the man to fill the postion left vacant after SMU head coach Phil Bennett’s firing on October 28. Apparently Jones is en route to Dallas to discuss the job with SMU Athletic Director Steve Orsini. Not long after Hawaii’s bowl game loss to the Georgia Bulldogs, SMU went public with an aggressive offer to Jones, but Hawaii counter-offered, culminating ultimately in his resignation from the school. Jones cited unhappiness with the level of commitment and loyalty the athletic department had shown him at Hawaii. (Many of you familiar with SMU athletics will wonder how on earth this makes the Hilltop a worthy destination.)

Let’s hope that this deal gets done and that this horrible distraction will go away.  Furthermore, I’m looking forward to see how Jones’ advanced offensive tactics will be suited for talented SMU quarterback Justin Willis.  Good luck Mustangs!


SMU will sign June Jones as their head coach.  ESPN article here. article.

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