US Men Squeak By Japan, Also Missing Team Insignia

7 Aug

The US men’s soccer team was far from impressive, echoing the performance  of the women’s team the day before, but they managed to get the three points against Japan on the strength of a goal from Stuart Holden. What I found more interesting, though, was the fact that the team was missing the official team crest on the jerseys and shorts, another way that they mirrored the women’s showing. See how they normally look here. Still looking for a reason why, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

One Response to “US Men Squeak By Japan, Also Missing Team Insignia”

  1. Utahsaint August 21, 2008 at 10:53 pm #

    If you were watching the U.S. Olympic team play and felt like something was missing, it’s because something was.

    The U.S. Soccer crest that is emblazoned on every U.S. national team uniform was not on the U.S. Olympic team uniform for the men or the women for their opening matches. The reason? According to a U.S. Soccer official, The International Olympic Committee does not allow national governing bodies to include their crests on their uniforms during the Olympics.

    If you have seen other teams with crests, it is because the national federations for those countries have ignored the IOC mandate, and are subject to fines by the IOC.

    So no, there wasn’t a laundry fiasco and nobody made off with the crests. There’s your answer to the missing crests question.

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