The Meridian Room and CD World Are Closed

30 Sep

That’s right. Closed. Today two of my favorite Dallas businesses have gone the way of the Dodo like many things seem to be as of late. I can’t say that I did not see it coming with CD World. With the onset of mp3s and the iPod, it was only a matter of time. When I was going to the old Health Magnet on Ross “Don’t-call-me-Cesar-Chavez” Ave., we used to skip school and go to CD World. I’d spend up to two hours in that place until my neck was sore from being craned over what was to me at the time an infinite supply of music (I hadn’t yet made the pilgrimage to Amoeba Records).  Then we’d go to Snuffer’s to grab some cheese fries for lunch. And to think that when I was a young teenager my primary entrepreneurial goal was to own and run my own record store. So now I have no idea what I will do when I grow up. Still.

As for the esteemed Meridian Room, they have fallen victim to the benevolent arachnid the DART Rail, whose expansion can add this fine bar to a list that includes the Good Latimer Bridge and its sweet, sweet street art. The light rail’s path of destruction goes directly past the Meridian, choking off traffic during an already slow period that comes every year due to the State Fair. I had even had plans there for Thursday night that have been moved to the Meridian’s sister location–The Libertine.

I bid each of these fine establishments thank you and farewell.

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