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Modern Toys Hit the Auction Block

8 Jul

In what is quite a refreshing acceptance of pop culture as art, the prominent auction house Christie’s recently featured many modern toys by such artists as Tilt, Mist, Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Tristan, Sucklord and Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz. Read his preview of the auction here. And here you can download a PDF of the catalog. Prices realized were as follows:

Kidrobot Huck Gee, 2006 – $625

Kidrobot Deph, 2006 – $625

Kidrobot Dunny Complete Sets (3) – $1,250

Kidrobot Visionaries 44 & 45 – $1,250

Joe Ledbetter Mr. Bunny, 2005 – $625

Natalia Gianinazzi Grusli Grli (2) – $313

Natalia Gianinazzi Grusli Grli (2) – $688

Suckadelic Graff-At, 2002 – $1,250 (The coolest thing in the sale!)

Suckadelic Gay Empire Attack!, 2007 – $1,250

Amazing Graf Animation

7 Jul

Some truly spectacular work was put in by artist Blu as he has created this beautiful sequence using graffiti and stop action animation. The mind fairly boggles. Thanks for this to my buddy Jonathan and his friend’s blog.

More info at

New Nike Soccer Commercial: Take It To the Next Level

7 Jun

Simply brilliant. Especially for an Arsenal fan.

The Great Poohdini

18 May

With the NBA Draft just around the corner, I think it’s time that we take some time to acclimate ourselves with some guys that will almost definitely make an impact in the league. Specifically, I’m referring to the exceptional point guard from Memphis, Derrick Rose, who went mostly under the national radar due to his playing for Conference USA team Memphis. A great tidbit that I read several times throughout his freshman season was that Rose was called “Winnie the Pooh” by his grandmother when he was a kid. She said it was because he was chubby and yellow. Derrick capitalized on this someone crass reference to his skin tone, which he parlayed into the magical ballhandling persona called “Poohdini.” I was nearly sure that it was an instance of Wikipedia graffiti when I read that he had a tattoo of a wizard wielding a basketball on his shoulder, accompanied by a script application of the moniker. Research proved to be difficult, especially before the tournament, but exceptional examples prove that this is indeed true. Something about this kid’s game tells me that this will one day be common knowledge.

Flickr Gets Video!

9 Apr

Look here.

Looks as if Yahoo has given flickr video capabilities. Videos are limited to 90 seconds and the privilege to upload has been limited to Pro users. A cool group with some of the early video additions to flickr can be seen in this group here. While it remains to be seen whether this new service will be any sort of rival to youtube, it will definitely be great to see what kinds of things that those who habitually view life through a lens will share with this moving picture format. I think it’s all kinda neat. O, and check this one from Norby.

Texas MADE Showcases Lone Star Artists in Virginia Show

13 Mar

Texas MADE 1


Texas MADE 2

Justin French, DMISE, PixieLife

Texas MADE 3

stncl.07, ENKS, Scotch!

Dave Lowell

Dave Lowell

The Alexandria, Virginia art gallery Art Whino is set to launch a show called Texas MADE: Spotlight on 10 Emerging Texas Artists on March 21, 2008.  Much of the art is graffiti-based or -inspired and really showcases some of the more talented stuff that’s coming from the Lone Star State.  I encourage anyone in the area to swing through to see how us Texans are capable of more than is stereotypicallyrepresented.  Showcased artists include CUTTHROAT, DARK, DUAL, Justin French, DMISE, PixieLife, stncl.07, ENKS, Scotch! and Dave Lowell.  Show runs until April 4, 2008.

More details here.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project

5 Mar

desktop wallpaper project

Thanks to Bobby S over at the Kitsune Noir blog, desktops around the world will now be more stylish as they launch The Desktop Wallpaper Project today.  Each Wednesday you can mosey on over the +KN blog and pick up a new wallpaper from one of the most talented artists practicing today — all free.  Today’s contributions come from Tim Biskup, Mcbess and IMAKETHINGS.  I’ve been waiting for an idea like this to come along for some time.  Each wallpaper is available in a variety of sizes, including custom versions for iPhones and PSPs. Enjoy!

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