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[PICS] Deep Ellum Mural in Progress

28 Jul
Vodpod videos no longer available.View on Flickr.

Many lament the loss of the great Dallas landmark that was the Good Latimer Tunnel. Some exceptional art that was truly representative of the region met its demise to make way for progress, this time in the form of the DART Rail. These shots of the mural-to-be are from Saturday July 25, 2009. Look forward to this weekend, when it looks like the finished product will be ready for the public.

Black Friday Sale @ aDiKt

21 Nov


Now normally, I’d liken the day after Thanksgiving as one of the few dates on the calendar where venturing into the retail world is about as much fun as sleeping face-down in the Trinity River. But this morning I came across a Black Friday sale that has me interested. Those familiar with this site will know that I am quite the sneaker enthusiast, and one of my favorite boutiques in Dallas, aDiKt, will be having a huge sale on hoodies, sneakers, caps and tees with prices slashed by as much as 80%. And be sure not to miss the $20 shoe sale (what?). Sale will go down Friday and Saturday, 11am until 10pm at aDikt, 3839 McKinney Ave Ste 140, Dallas 75204. Get there early, the freshest of the fresh won’t last long!

The Pitchfork 500

22 Oct

As human beings we use music in myriad cultural contexts–to celebrate, to encourage, to separate, to uplift. But never more than in the past thirty years have these functions evolved so drastically. The way that the craft is processed by culture has undergone a huge change from the days of the album as the epitome of the art form, through the days of the 45, and on to today, where a single mp3 distributed through a social networking venue such as Myspace can cause intense international interest in an act seemingly overnight.

Music aficionados Pitchfork have attempted to capture the essence of these changes with the publication of the upcoming book The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest Songs from Punk to the Present, which traces what they deem the most important songs since the days when the pizzazz of David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop gave kids an alternative to the sweetened pop that the Beatles popularized the previous decade. Employing the cunning writing style that the web site is known for, Pitchfork provides an enlightening view to modern music and its impact on society as a whole. While most readers are sure to immediately recognize many of the hits (Madonna’s “Holiday,” Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So,” Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”), the guide leaves room for some of the more undercurrent sensations that had more of an effect on future influential performers than they did during their own era.

What is surely one of the first guides to approach music in this way, Pitchfork seeks to enlighten us as it escorts us down memory lane. Set to hit bookstores on 11/11/08, The Pitchfork 500 may just be the template that future music historians refer to when assessing the value that the power of the singular song has played in the collective conscious of the 21st century and beyond.  Pre-order here. Selected highlights after the jump:

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Update: Meridian Room Will Reopen

16 Oct

According to recent local news, the local watering hole the Meridian room has closed. While it was rumored that it was gone forever, Unfair Park reports that it will indeed return. But under new management. You see, as of today the Meridian Room officially has new owners. And you can plan to hit up your favorite Expo Park haunt again by Thanksgiving.  Hurray!

Eric Wareheim Presents “The Youth”

12 Oct

Eric Wareheim, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame has created a stunnig video for MGMT’s song “The Youth.” If you like these comedians like I do, this video is a must. Also, worthwhile for anyone with even a passing interest in breakdancing.

Z-Trip’s Obama Mix

2 Oct

design by Shepard Fairey

So it’s pretty safe to say that DJ Z-Trip is a genius. Well, he’s put out yet another one of his precious mixes, this time focusing his laser on the upcoming presidential elections. Clocking in at just under 55 minutes, the theme is Obama and the tunes are pumpin’. Uplifting, too. Download it from Z-Trip’s site, for free, here.

z-trip obama mix

The Meridian Room and CD World Are Closed

30 Sep

That’s right. Closed. Today two of my favorite Dallas businesses have gone the way of the Dodo like many things seem to be as of late. I can’t say that I did not see it coming with CD World. With the onset of mp3s and the iPod, it was only a matter of time. When I was going to the old Health Magnet on Ross “Don’t-call-me-Cesar-Chavez” Ave., we used to skip school and go to CD World. I’d spend up to two hours in that place until my neck was sore from being craned over what was to me at the time an infinite supply of music (I hadn’t yet made the pilgrimage to Amoeba Records).  Then we’d go to Snuffer’s to grab some cheese fries for lunch. And to think that when I was a young teenager my primary entrepreneurial goal was to own and run my own record store. So now I have no idea what I will do when I grow up. Still.

As for the esteemed Meridian Room, they have fallen victim to the benevolent arachnid the DART Rail, whose expansion can add this fine bar to a list that includes the Good Latimer Bridge and its sweet, sweet street art. The light rail’s path of destruction goes directly past the Meridian, choking off traffic during an already slow period that comes every year due to the State Fair. I had even had plans there for Thursday night that have been moved to the Meridian’s sister location–The Libertine.

I bid each of these fine establishments thank you and farewell.

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