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MC Breed – Dead at Age 36

23 Nov

So you know who passed away on November 22? Flint, MI rapper MC Breed died yesterday in his sleep after complications he had been having with his kidneys.  On September 5, Breed collapsed while playing pickup basketball and was hospitalized and placed on life support when his kidneys failed. R.I.P. Breed, and remember, there ain’t no future in your frontin’.


So I was watching video again and am I completely stupid that I just now realized the the the video for “Ain’t No Future in Yo’ Frontin'” was shot in Dallas? This makes my initially innocent reference to JFK somehow have more relevance, right?

Need the proof? Around the 1:24 mark, when the lady in the tight black dress is dancing in front of the city, you can clearly make out the dinstinctive keyhole in the Chase Bank Tower. Also, to further the remembrance of those whose service is sadly no longer our privelige, keep a look out around the 2:13 mark, where the gone-but-not-forgotten Good Latimer Tunnel bares it’s tell-tale “1930” marking that can be seen here. I cannot believe that I just noticed this.

UGK’s Pimp C Found Dead

4 Dec

Pimp C, one-half of the Houston-area rap duo UGK, was found dead at his hotel room this morning in West Hollywood. LA County Fire responded to a 911 call from the rapper’s sixth floor room at the swanky Mondrian Hotel on the vaunted Sunset Strip. No cause of death has been determined at the time of this writing.

The performer, whose real name is Chad Butler, has been a staple in the “Dirty South” genre of rap since his 2000 appearances as a member of UGK in such rap anthems as Jay-Z’s  “Big Pimpin'” and Three 6 Mafia’s “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp.”  He even became a martyr in his community when the “Free Pimp C” movement formed when he was sentenced to eight years in prison for failing to comply with community service ordered stemming from a previous assault charge. Pimp C was 33.

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