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[VIDEO] Kidrobot Dallas Store Opening — 7/30/09

4 Aug

Influential purveyors of limited-edition toys and clothing since 2002, Kidrobot spread its range a little further with last week’s opening of a brand new store at Mockingbird Station. The roomate and I made the trek there last Thursday for the kickoff, which was highlighted by the appearance of pervasive designer Huck Gee. Though the event was set to launch at 6:00, well over half of the 200 elusive Golden Ticket Dunnys the store was handing out were already spoken for by 3. We were numbers 125 and 126.

Above is an edit that Gonzo did. There you’ll see some views of the store. See if you can check the carpet in the place, it was off the chain. Many of our Twitter friends were in the house, including @rondostar (whose sweet photos from the day can be found here), @ashleyestrello, @taylorrea, @rachcreative, @fishr (who managed to mention an erection THREE times during a short interview), @grfwks, @infored, and @nirowho. I even made a new friend in @britcrit, who was just ahead of us in the line.

In case you’re wondering, no I did not get my Golden Ticket Dunny signed. I instead opted to get my Hydrocodone prescription bottle blessed with Huck Gee’s autograph, while Gonzo got some British money tagged up.

Dallas mistress of soul Erykah Badu even came through for a bit to show her love for the Kidrobot movement. Even though we all had to brave the Texas heat, there were smiles all around that day. If you haven’t made your way to the Kidrobot store at Mockingbird Station yet, do it now.

Modern Toys Hit the Auction Block

8 Jul

In what is quite a refreshing acceptance of pop culture as art, the prominent auction house Christie’s recently featured many modern toys by such artists as Tilt, Mist, Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Tristan, Sucklord and Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz. Read his preview of the auction here. And here you can download a PDF of the catalog. Prices realized were as follows:

Kidrobot Huck Gee, 2006 – $625

Kidrobot Deph, 2006 – $625

Kidrobot Dunny Complete Sets (3) – $1,250

Kidrobot Visionaries 44 & 45 – $1,250

Joe Ledbetter Mr. Bunny, 2005 – $625

Natalia Gianinazzi Grusli Grli (2) – $313

Natalia Gianinazzi Grusli Grli (2) – $688

Suckadelic Graff-At, 2002 – $1,250 (The coolest thing in the sale!)

Suckadelic Gay Empire Attack!, 2007 – $1,250

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