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[LIVE VIDEO] Stephon Marbury is Crazy

24 Jul

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And it is awesome. Kinda reminds me of Tracy Morgan. Now he’s streaming his life on Ustream. It’s guaranteed to be exciting. The latest I heard he’s yelling about being drunk and high, IN his Celtics game shorts and nothing else, while the Ustream staff toiled in the background to set up cameras around his house. Will I get anything done this weekend?

Getafe’s New Unis Get Crazy with the King of Hamburguesas

17 Jul

Those unis really are terrible.

Those unis really are terrible.

Well isn’t that clever? Spanish soccer team Getafe debuted their new uniforms earlier this week. While the design is fairly ho-hum, save the gigantic Burger King logo splashed across the front, the team’s hamburger-peddling sponsor has really scored with another marketing gem. On the inside of the jersey. That’s right. The inside of these Joma-designed duds come equipped with an inverted image of the King. No, not Elvis — we’re talking about that crazy one from all the BK commercials that somehow freaks a lot of people out. I love him. And I love the fact that Getafe’s goalscorers this season of flipping their shirt up and donning the King’s visage over their own. What a classy blue-blood move on the team’s part.



I think they are on to something.

Funny Warning Signs

12 May

These were on the bag that my new keyboard at work.  Pretty humorous, if you ask me.

Tricked Again (Me and Dirk Nowitzki)

2 Apr

Not Dirk

In lieu of the Mighty German working to get back in the Dallas Mavericks lineup before the playoffs (fingers crossed on that), we at the N. Period present this humorous morsel of flickr fodder.  The title for the above photo is “Me and Dirk Nowitzki.” Dam. Looks like some poor kid got fooled.  Try again ace!

Unusual Xmas Nativity Scene

25 Dec
Santa Nativity, originally uploaded by Mr. Hernonymous.

In honor of the holidays we bring this exceptional photo up from the archives of The N. Period. If Santa Claus was created as an image for Christmas, and Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, then how on earth does it make sense that Santa would be present at said birth? The great part is that there is another more conventional Nativity in the background — also part of the same lawn’s decor. About a week after this shot was taken, the offending decorator was seen being chastised from a balcony by a woman who was not amused by the display. Blasphemy! Merry Christmas!

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