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Nash, Henry and Baron Davis Star in NYC Park Soccer Jam

1 Jul

Well, looks like I can add another item to the list of Reasons I Should Move to New York City.  This past Wednesday, our favorite NBA player with a prolific background in the beautiful game of soccer, Steve Nash, co-hosted a charity pick-up game in Chinatown with American soccer great Claudio Reyna.  In a display that proved that he may indeed have more pull in the world of soccer than the entire MLS, Nash was able to secure the services of such prolific international stars as Thierry Henry, Robbie Fowler, Salomon Kalou, Steve McManaman and Rob Jones.  Add to that such NBA standouts as Nash, Raja Bell, Jason Kidd, Leandro Barbosa and Baron Davis (who played in a fly pair of Reebok Pumps!) and this became one of the more amazing instances of synergy that ever was between my two very favorite sports to watch and play.

Baron's illin' in his Pumps

The action was expectedly light-hearted with many less-than-proficient players on the pitch (see: Baron Davis, ESPN writer Marc Stein), but a thrilling display was put on by Henry that dazzled all who were lucky enough to be steal an unobstructed view of the affair.  By all accounts of this well-documented event that I have perused online, it appears that the highlight of the show was Baron Davis, whose athletically-proficient mind outpaced his skill for the sport.  He had loads of fun, trying in earnest at times to show skill in a game not native to him and doing a surprisingly good job at times.  Let’s just say that it’s obvious that he is a professional athlete.  Both Henry and Davis were actually involved in one of the day’s more memorable moments when the Beard slapped a goal-bound shot that the Frenchman had deftly chipped on target.

My favorite thing is still the fact that Baron Davis scored a goal in a pair of Pumps, which may be the first time that has ever happened in the history of the sport.

Interested parties should check out some of the media coverage this event has generated after the jump:

***Best video I’ve seen yet of the event***

This is American Soccer

Can’t Stop Bleeding


Unprofessional Foul

ESPN video Continue reading

Jason Kidd Rap – Transcribed

27 Feb


Thanks to the folks over at the Gorilla vs. Bear blog, I just heard Jason Kidd’s 1994 attempt at rapping — a sad song called “What the Kidd Didd” that features Digital Underground’s Money B.  It can be said with no hesitation that Kidd and B. have recorded one of the sorriest songs in the world’s history.  I have done my best to transcribe the lyrics here, but there were a few nonsensical parts that I could not comprehend.  Jason Kidd, if you read this, please leave a comment and fill in the gaps. Enjoy!

mp3: What the Kidd Didd (feat. Money B)

Lyrics to go:

J. Kidd from the town O-A-K
He came from a newcomer or so they say
I’m the new Kidd on the block, but they jock still
I got skills with the rock

(Money B.)
And you can call Austin like Steve Austin
Steady flossin’ with cash earned from hittin’ Mashburn

On the break, you want me to take (??)
With a left, right uh get shook, look

(Money B.)
More steals than Ricky Hen (??) from the Pac-10

I ain’t new to
This, I give assists like a high school tutor
But who the hell said bein’ a Kidd was easy?

People wanna know what the Kidd didd
But ain’t nothin’ goin on but cash and b-ballin’
People wanna know what the Kidd didd Continue reading

Mavs Finally Score Jason Kidd, Jersey Number Questions Ensue

19 Feb

kidd nets

from ESPN: Well, it seems that Jason Kidd will finally re-join the Dallas Mavericks after several snags in last week’s proposed trade with the New Jersey Nets.  According to Marc Stein’s report, the version of the deal that actually went through will end up costing the Mavs $11 million more than the original proposal.  Oops. Let’s hope it’s worth it. Now that this whole thing is over, I wonder what jersey number J-Kidd will wear, as his favorite “5” has been used by Josh Howard since he came into the league.  Juwan Howard, another long-time number 5, was forced to change to “55” when he came back to the Mavs this year.  Any one wanna venture any guesses what will happen here?

[Trade] details: Kidd, forward Malik Allen and swingman Antoine Wright sent to Dallas for 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, center DeSagana Diop, swingman Trenton Hassell, guard Maurice Ager, Van Horn via sign-and-trade, first-round draft picks this June and in 2010 and $3 million in cash. The teams originally planned to move Wright to Dallas in a separate transaction but were able to make the salary-cap math work in a single trade after the deal was reconfigured over the weekend.

ESPN Says Kidd Trade Rumors True — Back To Big D?

13 Feb

kidd mavs

***EDIT*** The deal is done.

***EDIT EDIT*** Devean George blocks the deal.

Marc Stein reports for ESPN.

Although sources say that the teams are still sorting out final details, this deal was described as “imminent” by one source close to the process after negotiations moved to an advanced stage Tuesday night. The proposed swap — salvaged from talks of a three-way trade with Portland that developed and fizzled quickly two weeks ago — would require Dallas to send 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, veteran swingman Jerry Stackhouse, the expiring contracts of center DeSegana Diop and swingman Devean George and another player such as guard Maurice Ager to New Jersey for Kidd and possibly forward Malik Allen or veteran guard Darrell Armstrong.

It’s believed that Dallas would also send New Jersey cash ($3 million is the league maximum) and one or two future first-round draft choices. One source told ESPN.com that the Mavericks and Nets were also discussing a separate trade that would send Antoine Wright to Dallas for a future second-round pick.

I guess we may have the Nets to thank for trouncing us on Sunday, surely that had some role in changing Mark Cuban’s mind on a trade he previously said was about as sensible as firing up the ol’ crack pipe. (see third paragraph, last line)

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