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Topless at Fenway Park

27 Jul

When I first saw this picture, which dates from 1983, I figured that it must’ve been an Orioles game, with many of the fans in the stands wearing orange shirts.  But upon closer inspection it became clear that the majority of the supporters in Fenway Park’s outfield were topless.  Speaking with a co-worker who was going to ballgames in the early 1980s, this was apparently not such an out-of-the-ordinary sight.

Now I know that there is no rule about wearing shirts at the ballpark (for men at least, or is there?), but I can’t recall seeing this today.  I mean, to see such nudity on a large scale would surely catch my attention.  Has anybody seen this much skin at a game lately? Any ideas why or why not? How have you noticed how ballpark attire has changed in the last 25 years?

But the fact that the Red Sox are hosting the Brewers that day reminded me that these uniforms and this logo have always been among my favorites.

Let me know what you think about baseball topplessness, ill vintage graphic design, or the combination of powder blue and yellow in the comments.

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