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FC Dallas Unveils New Uniforms

3 Mar

fc dallas new unis

Once again, the Hoops have made a tweak to their uniforms.  This time they have ditched the alternate gray hoops that they had last year in favor of a new blue look.  The N. Period is not really into these, let us know what you think in the comments.  Among my beefs: 1) I don’t like how the top red hoop merges with the red on the shoulders, would rather have it contrast like on the away uni. 2) The shorts, with their broad colored stripe across the bottom edge, seem like they come from another kit altogether. 3) What’s with the downcast stripes? 4) I’d like to see a collar, even if it’s a small one like Brazil has worn.

We just can’t recall a classic design like the hoops being made to look so dismal, and this is coming from fans of FC Dallas.

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