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Z-Trip’s Obama Mix

2 Oct

design by Shepard Fairey

So it’s pretty safe to say that DJ Z-Trip is a genius. Well, he’s put out yet another one of his precious mixes, this time focusing his laser on the upcoming presidential elections. Clocking in at just under 55 minutes, the theme is Obama and the tunes are pumpin’. Uplifting, too. Download it from Z-Trip’s site, for free, here.

z-trip obama mix

St. Paul Police Have Lost Their Mind

4 Sep

First I heard of the above incident involving the police pulling the plug on a Rage Against the Machine anti-RNC concert in St. Paul. That’s fine, Rage will muscle on, performing a capella with the help of a megaphone. Looks like mayhem in the streets the night of McCain’s speech now, though, as twitterers MnIndyLIVE and coldsnaplegal tweet live from what seems to be quite the chaotic situation. Protesters on the Marion bridge are being harassed and threatened to be arrested. Keep in mind that these are peaceful proesters, oh yeah and I forgot to say that they’re seated. There’s also reports of tear gas and concussion grenades being deployed at another location. Minnesota law enforcement must have gone batty — did anything like this happen in Denver? Coverage here from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

KOTW: Jeff Hamada x Converse 1HUND(RED) Chuck Taylor

14 Jul

This week The N. Period will kick off the first installment of its “Kicks of the Week” feature. This first entry comes from graphic designer Jeff Hamada and are part of the Converse 1 HUND(RED) collaboration, an effort by the company designed to help fight the war against HIV/AIDS in Africa. Check some info about the production of these from the artist here. More pics after the jump. Stay tuned for more fresh kicks each and every Monday here at The N. Period. [via KicksOnFire.] Continue reading

Estevan Oriol

12 Jul

Great photographer. More at EstevanOriol.com. [via Hamburger Eyes.]

Beboppin’ with the Cos Man

23 Apr

We’re just giddy waiting for the release of Bill Cosby’s upcoming hip-hop album. What’s that you say? Everybody’s favorite poppa of the puddin’ pop is gonna drop some verses? Well, not exactly. While Cosby has said that he will not be rapping on the project — perhaps some spoken word-type stuff will be going on — he has divulged that the unifying theme of the album is aimed to counter the misogyny and negativity that are so prevalent in today’s popular rap. I say good for him. It’s always been so obvious how much Cosby actually cares about the advancement of society, particularly when it relates to the inner-city minorities that he can most relate his upbringing with.  Snip following, with a link here:

“Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency” is designed as a companion to Cosby’s provocative book “Come on People: On the Path From Victims to Victors,” which he co-wrote with Dr. Alvin Poussaint last year.

The album weaves hip-hop, jazz, pop, funk and other genres around frank, positive messages drawn from Cosby’s lyrics, stories and musical ideas.

Cosby does not rap or sing on the album. He is on board as executive producer and co-writer. His collaborators include longtime musical colleague Bill “Spaceman” Patterson and Patterson’s partner, Ced-Gee, co-founder of the hip-hop group Ultramagnetic MCs.

The Barack Obama Air Force 1

13 Feb



Saw these this morning on the Illseed Blog —>> THE BARACK OBAMA AIR FORCE 1 [via Illseed Blog]

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