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Found Letter: The Knight of the Night

23 Dec


So apparently some knight left this in my parking lot yesterday and what kind of a friend would I be if I did not share some of the chivalrous swashbuckling of the pen that this man has used to seduce what must be thousands of beautiful maidens? The last time I submitted something to Found Magazine, I don’t think it ever made it public and the world would be done a disservice if that story were replicated. So go on, young knights-in-training, and use this missive as a lesson for how we can all be just a little bit better at attracting the fairer sex. Hell, if you’re lucky, you may even be able to get Sir Schell to mentor you–if he has time to return your letter that is. And for all you ladies: remember, “Fine Bitchs Only 4 Pen Pal,” so don’t even try and front.

Mitilda WTF?

11 Oct

Those familiar with what is perhaps the grooviest part of the city of Dallas are familiar with Matilda St., who along with McMillan serve as the preferred conduits for those inhabiting the Lower Greenville area. I mean, everyone knows that only tourists and cops drive on Greenville. So you cab imagine this east Dallas native’s surprise when I went to visit my mom today and saw that both signs at the street’s intersection with Mercedes have been replaced with impostor “Mitilda” signs. I mean, who spells it like that? With all the street name change business going on in this town as of late, maybe someone actually took some initiative. Or maybe this is some new sort of vandalism that can mark its origins to my home town. Probably not.

Nash and Baron Davis Step Brothers Spoof

31 Jul

Seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen in some time.  Steve Nash and Baron Davis have crated one of the finest fake movie trailers of all-time.  Simply must be watched to be believed.

Found Love Lost: The Rap of Agony

12 May

This letter remains one of my all-time favorite instances of the song of unrequited love. There’s some real classic stuff here. It was found at a toy store in an extremely affluent section of Dallas called Highland Park, either discarded by the target of the affection, abandoned by the hopeless suitor, or just lost. I really love to think about how old the kid was who wrote it and how he sounded when he spit the lyrics of this rap/song/poem. Solid gold.

Tricked Again (Me and Dirk Nowitzki)

2 Apr

Not Dirk

In lieu of the Mighty German working to get back in the Dallas Mavericks lineup before the playoffs (fingers crossed on that), we at the N. Period present this humorous morsel of flickr fodder.  The title for the above photo is “Me and Dirk Nowitzki.” Dam. Looks like some poor kid got fooled.  Try again ace!

L. Ron Hubbard Plagiarized Scientology

28 Feb


OK so check this out.  Someone has found a translation of a German book called Scientologie written in 1934 that L. Ron Hubbard undoubtedly read and stole for his own religion.  This predates Hubbard’s Dianetics by more than 15 years.  This is amazing and I encourage you to use this as proof next time one of these looney Scientologists get all high and mighty. Eat your heart out Tom Cruise.

Jay-Z Adds Advertising to Business Ventures

27 Feb

Jay-z Steve Stoute

The rapper Jay-Z has teamed up with fellow African-American enterpeneur Steve Stoute to launch Translation Advertising in New York City. The company’s aim is to create advertising that caters to multi-cultural consumers without alienating them. Given his popularity, Jay-Z may very well be onto a new trend in advertising: marketing intelligently to groups who have previously been either misunderstood or ignored altogether. Like Jay-Z says, “we don’t walk into the store and hit the breakdance moves.” Let’s hope that this lays he groundwork for bridging the gap between corporate America and the urban society that it so obviously and desperately seeks to tap.

Article from The New York Times.

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