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St. Paul Police Have Lost Their Mind

4 Sep

First I heard of the above incident involving the police pulling the plug on a Rage Against the Machine anti-RNC concert in St. Paul. That’s fine, Rage will muscle on, performing a capella with the help of a megaphone. Looks like mayhem in the streets the night of McCain’s speech now, though, as twitterers MnIndyLIVE and coldsnaplegal tweet live from what seems to be quite the chaotic situation. Protesters on the Marion bridge are being harassed and threatened to be arrested. Keep in mind that these are peaceful proesters, oh yeah and I forgot to say that they’re seated. There’s also reports of tear gas and concussion grenades being deployed at another location. Minnesota law enforcement must have gone batty — did anything like this happen in Denver? Coverage here from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

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