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Dandy Don Meredith Honored by SMU — Jersey No. 17 Retired At Last

8 Oct

In the first three decades of the existence of the Dallas Cowboys–perhaps the greatest sports organization on the planet–only nine players and the revered head coach Tom Landry were inducted into the Ring of Honor at Texas Stadium. Only the words “Bob Lilly” and its accompanying “74” have been there longer than the name of Don Meredith, beaming upon legions of Cowboy fans from its blue stripe just beneath the press box. And Dandy Don deserved 1,000% to be up there because of his importance to North Texas.

He grew up a 100 mile drive down I-30 in a small town called Mount Vernon and played his way to number one recruit status. He turned down a scholarship offer from Bear Bryant at Texas A&M in favor of Dallas’ SMU, where he founded the university’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter. He finished third in Heisman voting in 1958. Then he went on to become the only kid from a Dallas high school or college to come start for America’s Team. They slapped his name up on that Ring of Honor in 1976. That’s Twenty-Two years ago for those keeping score.

So can anyone tell me why the ample brain trust that is the SMU Hall of Fame Committee has just now decided to retire Meredith’s hallowed number 17? It’s been a long time coming, but you’d think that someone would have noticed considering that SMU and the Cowboys shared the same field as tenants of the Cotton Bowl. The committee consists mainly of members of the Letterman’s Club, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any info on this organization on SMU’s interwebs. My guess is that they don’t want to be reached, considering the tardiness of this decision and the fact that they are the same people behind this.

Peruna Needs An Attitude Adjustment

26 Nov




As the annual holiday hangover begins to subside it brings with it the yearly retrospective of our beloved SMU Mustangs’ football season, sadly a post-Thanksgiving trail of tears in its own right. So this year’s new “Pony ↑” campaign ended on a resounding low as the 1-11 record was sealed on the road at Memphis after a 5-hour triple overtime heartbreaker. As a matter of fact, five of the Ponies’ losses were decided in the final 45 seconds or overtime with THREE OT defeats. Thankfully, we can say goodbye to head coach Phil Bennett, whose six years at the helm drew to a close on Friday night. An 18-52 record given the weak schedules SMU play? Are you fucking kidding me?

But Phil Bennett is leaving us and his ineptitude is not something to be focused on at this point. We can only hope for a similar departure for this year’s Peruna, whose performance may just have outshined the gridders’ in the way of crappiness. Of the three games that I have been to this year, there was not one instance that I can recall the mascot wandering more than 10 feet from the student section/cheeleader corp. Is there some sort of rule at Gerald J. Ford stadium that I don’t know about that keeps our hallowed steed from roaming free about his home ground? The spark in SMU athletics needs to come from somewhere and I want to put my vote in for a livelier, more fan-friendly character.

Dear SMU,

Please fill the aforementioned available positions with somebody with balls. We will surely finish the season in ESPN’s Bottom 10 Rankings, which is just embarassing considering that it’s been 20 years since the NCAA blessed us with the Death Penalty. The hangover must end. Thanks for your consideration.



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