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[LIVE VIDEO] Stephon Marbury is Crazy

24 Jul

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And it is awesome. Kinda reminds me of Tracy Morgan. Now he’s streaming his life on Ustream. It’s guaranteed to be exciting. The latest I heard he’s yelling about being drunk and high, IN his Celtics game shorts and nothing else, while the Ustream staff toiled in the background to set up cameras around his house. Will I get anything done this weekend?

New LeBron Commercial – “After Six”

2 Nov

OK so maybe I forgot for a little while with the NBA on its yearly break, but gee wiz that LeBron James is a silly one.  For the release of the Nike LeBron Zoom VI The Swoosh has teamed up with The King to make what is clearly one of the more entertaining footwear spots we’ve seen in some time. Looks like Bron-Bron will rake in a ton more money with this one.

Eric Wareheim Presents “The Youth”

12 Oct

Eric Wareheim, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame has created a stunnig video for MGMT’s song “The Youth.” If you like these comedians like I do, this video is a must. Also, worthwhile for anyone with even a passing interest in breakdancing.

Chris Bosh’s Girlfriend and Cousin Cause Raptors to Lose « All Talk Sports

7 Jan

Chris Bosh’s Girlfriend and Cousin Cause Raptors to Lose « All Talk Sports This is a funny story. I will try to find video when I get home.

***UPDATE*** video now available

Here we see the footage from last night’s Sportscenter.

… and here is raw footage from the Raptors telecast.  At about the 5:00 mark you’ll see LeBron pretend as if he is going to give the ball to his hecklers, but then flips the ball to the ref.  This draws quite the reaction from the young ladies, who can be seen jawing and waving their arms, to which King James responds, quite audibly and repeatedly, “it’s your fault” as he points out the offending parties.  As James takes his spot for the ensuing free throw, the look on Bosh’s face is just priceless!

2400+ Hulu Invites Available

7 Jan


In case you are not familiar with the video service Hulu, now is your chance to jump on board.  Hulu is currently in beta testing and you can only access it via an invite.  Luckily here is a link to 2400+ invites at the time of this writing.  On-demand television programming and some movies are available on Hulu, and I have used it to catch up on the Season 4 The Office episodes that I missed due to NBC jumping ship from the iTunes store.  Much props to a great service that only stands to get better.  Did I mention FREE? Well, it’s free, so follow the link and start watching some video.  Content from NBC, FOX, the Bravo, Fuel TV, FX, Sci Fi, Style, Sundance, and Oxygen channels.

P.S. Fans of Steve Martin will be happy to know that The Jerk is on Hulu in its entirety.


The invites for the above link are all gone. But I found some more here, here, and here.  Boo-yah.

Unruly Fan Fails To Salvage NFL Network Telecast

7 Dec

Here we see a fan make his way onto the field, spicing up an otherwise subpar Thursday Night Football matchup on the NFL Network.  I know that it’s been discussed at length in multiple forums, but with the quality of production for these last two weeks, I do not understand how the NFL Network expects people to pay extra to hear Bryant Gumbel and Chris Collinsworth painfully suck at their jobs.  And why are we denied the right to see some real action happen on the field?  This guy had a chance to be a real legend, but when he got face to face with NFL linemen it seemed that he thought better of whatever harebrained idea he originally came up with. Enjoy.

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