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Jason Kidd Rap – Transcribed

27 Feb


Thanks to the folks over at the Gorilla vs. Bear blog, I just heard Jason Kidd’s 1994 attempt at rapping — a sad song called “What the Kidd Didd” that features Digital Underground’s Money B.  It can be said with no hesitation that Kidd and B. have recorded one of the sorriest songs in the world’s history.  I have done my best to transcribe the lyrics here, but there were a few nonsensical parts that I could not comprehend.  Jason Kidd, if you read this, please leave a comment and fill in the gaps. Enjoy!

mp3: What the Kidd Didd (feat. Money B)

Lyrics to go:

J. Kidd from the town O-A-K
He came from a newcomer or so they say
I’m the new Kidd on the block, but they jock still
I got skills with the rock

(Money B.)
And you can call Austin like Steve Austin
Steady flossin’ with cash earned from hittin’ Mashburn

On the break, you want me to take (??)
With a left, right uh get shook, look

(Money B.)
More steals than Ricky Hen (??) from the Pac-10

I ain’t new to
This, I give assists like a high school tutor
But who the hell said bein’ a Kidd was easy?

People wanna know what the Kidd didd
But ain’t nothin’ goin on but cash and b-ballin’
People wanna know what the Kidd didd Continue reading

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